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The global recession during the business age diminishes consumers' purchasing power, which has an impact on the profitability of the company. Businesses must rely on cost-effective marketing channels at that time to withstand the economic crisis. Because of their hectic daily routines, clients are willing to pay high prices for online products in the digital marketing business, which is changing corporate patterns, according to the discussion above. Digital marketing methods have also substantially overtaken conventional marketing approaches in recent years, owing to the country's present epidemiological scenario. Because of the global crisis, firms are forced to use less expensive marketing strategies that reach a large number of individuals in a short amount of time.</p> Syeda Aisha Ali Copyright (c) 2022 Informative Journal of Management Sciences (IJMS) 2022-03-13 2022-03-13 1 1 1 7 Workplace Totalitarianism and People’s Autonomy <p>Henry Fayol proposed the structured principles of management, which define the traditional methods of authoritative management. Fayol believes in the unity of command where the manager has the right to order the employees and no employee empowerment is involved. Henry Fayol’s methods of the workplace such as penalties of employees, strict environment, and centralised approach discourage the employee’s autonomy in the workplace. The subtle methods of the workplace destroy the freedom of employees and discourage the collaborative work environment. The freedom of employees is vital to managing the stakeholders. Moreover, employees’ freedom brings innovation to the company’s authoritative culture and creates an adverse impact on the productivity of employees. The subtle methods of the workplace abolish employee freedom and autonomy, which ultimately create an adverse impact on employees’ morality. Moral values comprise the rules and regulations of the organisation. Morality refers to the behaviour of employees in an organisation as well, which includes excellent communication participative and neutral approaches.&nbsp; It normally comprises of innovative culture, the autonomy of decision, positive working environment, and employment of employees. Fayol believes that organisational objective is the top priority rather than the personal objective of the employee</p> Arsalan Ahmed Copyright (c) 2022 Informative Journal of Management Sciences (IJMS) 2022-03-13 2022-03-13 1 1 8 15 DIFFUSION OF INNOVATION <p>Diffusion of innovation on the concept of bringing new ideas and adopting changes with time. Although it is a complex task for adopters to accept change, positive change in the system is always good for the people. The model of innovations allows the business to understand the effectiveness of the company. For instance, in the health care sector, the models of changes allow the sector to minimize the risk in the adoption of the innovative idea. The diffusion of innovation is important for economic growth because bringing new ideas and new technologies helps out businesses to groom themselves. The first model of diffusion was introduced by Rogers which is considered the basic model of diffusion. However, this categorizes the adapters but, is unable to represent the rate of adoption in proper ways. The diffusion of innovation models was categorized according to their natures. The general model categories are real word models, conceptual models, loose models, and Basic models as well. The basic models are the most implemented because they define the exact threshold after which the diffusion of innovation starts.</p> Dr. Tanvir Ahmed Qureshi Qureshi Copyright (c) 2022 Informative Journal of Management Sciences (IJMS) 2022-03-13 2022-03-13 1 1 16 36 THE EFFECT OF OIL PRICES ON INFLATION <p>The fluctuation in oil prices enhances the inflation rate and disturbs the business cycle and economic growth as well. The government put all efforts to reduce the dependency of economic growth on oil prices. The study aims to examine the impact of oil price fluctuation on economic growth which ultimately results in a high inflation rate. The statistical results obtained from SPSS depict that. Oil price fluctuations are highly correlated with each other and a sudden rise in the prices of oil increases the price of all products. The price rise reduces the demand at local and international levels which ultimately results in a high inflation rate. Time and lack of availability of literature are the major limitations of the research. The conclusion was drawn that, the government must design the policies to reduce the impact of oil price variations on the economy. it is concluded that the fluctuation in oil prices results in a high inflation rate. Although, other factors such as GDP and per capita income play a role in the economic development of the country the fluctuation in prices results in the recession and economic downturn</p> Syed Umair Ali Ali Copyright (c) 2022 Informative Journal of Management Sciences (IJMS) 2022-03-13 2022-03-13 1 1 37 50 The Role of Packaging on Consumer Behavior <p>Packaging is the building block of every successful product because it drives the behaviour of the consumer. Packaging image and colour attract the consumer towards the specific brand. Moreover, packaging enhances the reputation and quality of the product. The study aims to examine the impact of packaging images on the behaviour of consumers. The weak packaging is the major issue that negatively affects the behaviour of the consumer. The results show that the independent and dependent variables are significantly correlated with each other. The recommendations were drawn that, the packaging must be attractive and can engage the consumer pre-purchase and purchase behaviour. The conclusions were drawn that, packaging plays a vital role in driving the behaviour of the consumer. Time is the major limitation that bounds the scope of research.</p> Ahsan Bashir Bashir Copyright (c) 2022 Informative Journal of Management Sciences (IJMS) 2022-03-13 2022-03-13 1 1 51 70