About the Journal

Informative Journal of Management Sciences aims to promote the quality research content of researchers. IJMS publish a research paper in all field of Management Sciences such as Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Resource Management, Project Management, etc. Cubic journals accept all types of content in the domain of management sciences such as Systematic Literature Reviews (SLR), Survey articles, Survey Articles, Argumentative research papers, Quantitative and Experimental studies as well. Our highly Qualified review your piece of research and publish it in the journal There are no hidden fees of publication. Quality and unique content is the only requirement to publish a research paper. Cubic journals provide a reference guide to new authors to polish their skills.
We accept new research ideas in all domains of management sciences. However, the author has to fulfill a couple of requirements before submitting a paper.

  1. Research content must have a clear idea and methodology such as SLR, Quantitative and Qualitative approaches.
  2. The plagiarism should not be more than 10% otherwise author has to resubmit the paper after modification.