Editorial Team

Our Editorial Board provides expert advice to authors regarding the research content. Expert opinions and suggestions engage new authors and attract them to publish research articles in an internationally acceptable format.



Advisory Board

  1. Dr. Muhammad Khalid Iqbal

Qualification: Ph.D. (Management Sciences and Engineering)

Area of Interest: Marketing

Email: Khalid.iqbal@skt.umt.edu.pk


  1. Dr. Basharat Chaudry

Qualification: Ph.D. (Education)

Area of Interest: Education

Email: basharat.ch86@Yahoo.com


  1. Dr. Ayaz Ahmed

Qualification: Ph.D. Economics

Area of Interest: Macro Economics

Email: ayaz@pide.org.pk



ARDEditorial Board

  1. Brig Muhammad Aslam Khan

Qualification: Master’s in Business Administration (UK)

Area of Interest: CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Email: brig.aslam@gmail.com

  1. Miss Bushra Zahoor

Qualification: MPhil (Finance)

Areas of Interest: Finance

Email: bushrazahoor11@gmail.com

  1. Mr. Najeeb Ullah

Qualification: MS (Marketing)

Area of Interest: Consumer Behavior

Email: Najeeb1172@yahoo.com

  1. Mr. Syed Hamza Ali

Qualification: MS (Economics)

Area of Interest: Macro Economics

Email: hamza.ali@sbp.org.pk